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AnvSoft Photo Slideshow Maker Free 5.58

Create beautiful and funny Flash slideshows from your photo collections

Create beautiful and funny Flash slideshows with your photo collections, ready to be published on the Internet. You can do this very easily with AnvSoft Photo Slideshow Maker Free. It allows you to add photo and music backgrounds to your presentations. Besides, it offers very interesting themes, transition effects and, other powerful features, which will allow you to create amazing presentations in no time.

This tool offers a convenient wizard that runs automatically when you launch the program. This wizard helps you create a complete Flash slideshow from your photos in three simple and easy steps. It allows you to add all your source image files, select a decoration theme from a wide variety of options, select the output folder and the file names, as well as the Flash embed method. That is all the information the wizard requires to create a slideshow with a professional look. However, you can always skip this wizard and interact with the program's main interface directly, which will give you access to more options.

This interface offers you three tabs - Photo, Theme, and Publish. The Photo tab allows you to find and add your source photos, to define the transition effects, to set the images' titles and hyperlinks, and to introduce dynamic texts on the images. On the other hand, the Theme tab allows you to choose a decoration for your slideshow. There are many possible themes for you to choose from, though this free version of the program is restricted to some basic themes only. Other options, such as Professional, 3D, and Video are there just to encourage you to upgrade to the Pro version, which is not free, of course. In this tab you can also apply background music to your presentation, using an audio file or an audio-CD track. The program also includes many HTML 5 templates among its multiple options. Finally, the Publish tab allows you to define the output folder and the file names, as well as the Flash embed method - you can choose between "Object Embed Tag" and "JavaScript SWF Object".

The program generates two files - a SWF file, which is the Flash presentation itself, and an HTML file, which is a webpage with the Flash presentation embedded in it. This webpage can be published on the Internet directly. Besides, you can create a Gift Presentation CD/DVD and upload your presentation to Go2Album from here, a free online album service offered by the program's publisher.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Includes a wizard that allows you to create your slideshow in three steps
  • Offers a wide variety of interesting themes for decoration
  • You can apply a photo and/or a music background to your slideshow
  • The music background can be loaded from an audio file or an audio CD
  • Generates an HTML file with the slideshow embedded in it, ready for publication


  • Includes many theme categories whose only function is to encourage you to upgrade to the Pro version of the program
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